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STEAM Powered Kids - Learning The Senses

STEAM Powered Kids is an educational series developed in convenient, themed unit studies.This first book is all about the senses!
STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math and is an educational approach that promotes the integration of these disciplines in an applied educational setting. By teaching skills and knowledge in all of these areas, it allows for more effective learning that is in tune with real world applications.

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The five senses are a fantastic way to start lessons in STEAM. Senses are the way we perceive and interpret the world. They are our connection to everything around us, and provide us with a constant flood of information throughout our day. Understanding how we use our senses will help children develop the skills needed to effectively utilize the exploration and investigative process used by scientists around the world.


STEAM Powered Kids -
Learning the Senses includes:

Shopping lists
Vocabulary lists
Discussion questions
Word search
Additional resources for further inquiry
Printable templates

Everything in one convenient package to make learning easy!

Written for children between 8 and 12 years old, the activities in these books can be easily modified to make them easier or more challenging. You can also feel free to skip an activity if you feel it simply will not work for your group. We understand that every child is an individual and ability levels vary. Our intention is to make these lessons as accessible as possible for everyone that wants to learn.

Our goal is to make learning seamless, hands-on and fun!

With this series of books we offer a solution to families, educators, coaches, homeschoolers, teachers and leaders looking for resources to streamline their STEAM lessons and simplify doing activities with their group. Each book is a unit study around one specific topic. It includes lessons, activities and resources. It also includes a shopping list for the activities broken down by the number of children. This way you can buy your materials in bulk and save money for your group. Printable resources allow you to print as many copies as you need for your students.


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