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Oobleck Sensory Science eBook


This ebook includes information on Oobleck, how Oobleck got its name, the science of Oobleck, sensory benefits of playing with Oobleck, 5 proven recipes, tips and tricks for making and using Oobleck, plus 12 months of Oobleck activities and games.


Have you ever played with Oobleck? It is an absolutely fascinating material that
you create with items in your pantry. It is so easy to make and kids love playing with it. It is messy, sensory, science fun at its best!

Whether you are a seasoned Oobleck creator or brand new to this non-Newtonian
Fluid, this booklet covers lots of new ideas, activities, recipes and more. So what are you waiting for? It’s time for some sensory science!

In this ebook we cover everything you need to know about Oobleck:

What is Oobleck?
How Oobleck got its name
The science of Oobleck
The sensory benefits of playing with Oobleck
5 proven Oobleck recipes
Tips and tricks for making and using Oobleck
12 months of Oobleck activities and games

This booklet has been designed for parents, educators and teachers who wish to learn more about Oobleck and enrich their children’s learning experiences. Oobleck sensory science activities are suitable for preschool to teens. Best of all, kids love playing with Oobleck!


NOTE: Product is a digital PDF 

Document length - 33 pages


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