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Famous STEAMists Unit Study & Activity eBook


Welcome to the Famous STEAMists Workbook and Activity Pack!

One of the greatest ways to inspire kids and fuel their dreams and passions is for
them to learn about the stories of people who have achieved amazing things. In this book we explore the works of some of the most inspiring STEAMists in history. Some of them are more creative artist types, while others focused more on math and sciences, but all of them contributed profoundly to the advancement of the knowledge and understanding of our world.

In this packet we decided to focus on 7 STEAMists from history:
Albert Einstein
Leonardo da Vinci
Marie Curie
Isaac Newton
Stephen Hawking
Vincent van Gogh
Ada Byron Lovelace

For each STEAMist we have included a biography and quotes so you can get to
know about them, their lives and their work. Included are some worksheets such as word search, word scramble and a fill in the blanks. Don’t worry, answer keys are provided for all of these. In addition, activities inspired by the works of that STEAMist have been hand picked for you to do with your kids. You will need supplies for these activites, but supply lists are provided along with links to get more information, plus access to videos and photos of the projects.

This Famous STEAMist packet is best suited for grades 3 to 6 or anyone interested in learning more about these famous minds from history.

NOTE: Product is a digital PDF 

Document length - 71 pages


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