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Why Hire A Self-Publishing Coach?

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So what the heck is a self-publishing coach and why should you hire one?

A self-publishing coach is someone who walks through the publishing process with a new author.

Why hire a self-publishing coach?

If you had an agent and a traditional publishing contract, you would have various people helping you through the process of polishing your manuscript, editing, formatting, cover design, distribution and marketing. Any questions you have, would be answered by these people. They would train you, mentor you, guide you, and help you get our book out into the world.

A self-publishing coach helps fill that role for authors pursuing self-publishing.

Publishing a book is a complex project that can be very intimidating for a first time author. You need to consider writing style, target audience, vendors, formatting, editing, cover design, uploading, images, promotions, marketing, and more. Having a coach help you through the journey gives you the support you need to remove stress, streamline your process, and make the most effective use of your time and resources.

When I'm coaching my clients, it is with the full intention that they learn the process and gain all the knowledge they need to proceed confidently, and independently, into future projects. They will learn the skills they need to publish future books professionally and effectively. I look at our time together as a training opportunity and investment in their business, and I love to see my clients succeed!

Are you a busy blogger looking to expand your business through self-publishing for the first time? My self-publishing coach services can help you remove the stress and uncertainty, so you can get that book published. Contact me to discuss your publishing dreams and how we can work together to make them a reality.

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