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Key Amazon Self-Publishing Terms You Need To Know

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There are many important terms, names and acronyms in the self-publishing world. In order to navigate your publishing process successfully it's important you understand what they all stand for, and what they mean for your project. It's easy to get confused with all the jargon, so here's a few key terms specific to Amazon that you should know.

Amazon Terms

KDP - Kindle Direct Publishing - This is Amazon's self publishing portal. This is where you sign up to publish your book on Amazon, check your sales, payments, etc.

Kindle Select - Amazon's exclusive program. If you are only interested in publishing on Amazon, putting your books into the Select program gives you some added bonuses like being able to schedule free promotional days and Kindle Countdown Deals where you will still get 70% even if you discount below $2.99. To be in Select you can not sell or have your book anywhere else. This means no more than 10% of the content can be on your website. The book can not be sold directly on your site. Free copies as a newsletter sign up incentive are not allowed and you can not upload the book or it's contents anywhere else. You must be exclusive to Amazon for the full term of 3 months, then you can decide if you want to stay exclusive or go wide.

KNEP - If you do join Kindle Select, one of the bonuses is that that Amazon Prime members will be able to read your book for free as part of the program, much like checking out a book from the library. You will get paid a small amount for these reads. The amount paid is calculated using Kindle Edition Normalized Pages (KENP) read by the customer. These reads do help you in the algorithms but the payout is only about $0.0046/KNEP right now. This payout can vary slightly every month. Amazon determines how many "pages" your book has and you are only paid for pages actually read, so if someone reads 10 pages, then puts your book away and doesn't come back, you only get paid for those 10 pages. I do have books in Select but I am very careful about which books I put in the program. Exclusivity can be too high of a price to pay for books that sell well on other venues or have value outside of Amazon, for instance as content on your blog.

POD - Print On Demand is a way of printing books in small quantities.

Createspace - This is Amazon's POD service that allows you to have a physical paperback copy of your book available at Amazon (and a few other vendors). There is no cost to using Createspace and for those that are confident in their skills, they do provide templates for cover design and interior layout using Word. Or you can have a designer do it all for you and just upload the final files. I really like providing paperback copies of my books. Mostly so I can order copies at a discounted rate for my own bookshelf or to give out as promotional items.

So that's it! These are just a few of the key terms that are important to understand before starting your publishing journey at Amazon.

Happy Publishing!

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