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The Story of BLOG TO BOOK

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Blog To Book was never an intentional book. In fact, I was so focused on launching my brand new blog, STEAM Powered Family, that I had put all my novels and publishing plans on the back burner. After attending a blogging conference, I realized my experience and knowledge of self-publishing was something many bloggers needed. Books and blogging go together beautifully, and I was in a unique position to help fuse these two realms together for bloggers.

I'm a writer and author. I've been writing since I was young and had my first pieces published through winning a local writing competition when I was just a tween (a passionate tribute to New Kids On The Block... oh yeah, I was THAT cool!). Throughout my life I continued to write, getting my fiction work published occasionally, but really I wrote simply because I had a passion for it. My desk drawers are filled with old manuscripts, stories and poems.

My skills as a writer eventually led me into a career as a communications manager and public relations specialist with the government. I was writing professionally and loving it!

After twelve years, I left my career to focus on my family. This gave me the time to focus on writing my stories and learn more about a new phenomenon, self-publishing eBooks. Eventually I gained enough courage to take the leap into self-publishing. It was wonderful! I wrote while the children slept. Then when they started school, I was able to write while they were in school.

I was pursuing my passion, and things were great in my little world. Over the course of 5 years I published a dozen books and short stories.

Last spring my world changed when we made the decision to start homeschooling both of our boys. Suddenly, I no longer had time to focus on writing my stories, but I still needed a place to pursue my writing passion. A dear friend convinced me to try my hand at blogging, and it was a fantastic suggestion!

July 2015, I launched a blog called STEAM Powered Family. I was serious about my plans for the blog. After writing and publishing for a number of years, I knew I would never feel whole without the ability to write. Plus, the blog would replace lost income from no longer being able to actively pursue my writing career. To ensure my blog started right, I attended a blogger conference only 3 weeks after my blog went live. It was interesting, but at the end of the day my biggest take away from the conference was that I needed to write another book!

It took some time, but eventually Blog To Book was released to help educate bloggers in the best practices, and most efficient techniques, to help them realize their publishing dreams and build their blog business.

I gathered all my years of experience in writing and publishing, and condensed it down into this guide book. It walks the reader through each step, keeping the process logical, simple and straightforward. Bloggers are busy, and my goal with Blog To Book was to share my knowledge so my readers won't waste their time. They can simply hit the ground running and take their blog business to the next level with self-publishing.

You can purchase Blog To Book here on my site in PDF format, or it is also available through all the major vendors.

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